Welcome to the NorCal NUG

The Northern California NetSuite User Group

We're a local resource for NetSuite Knowledge, Networking Opportunities and Camaraderie. Join us, and your NetSuite peers, for quarterly meetings, virtual events and other opportunities to grow your skills and career with NetSuite.

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In-Person Events

NorCal NUG produces several in-person networking events throughout the calendar year.

NorCalNUG Virtual
Virtual Events

Our annual Virtual Summit, and live learning opportunties, provide content for everyone.

NorCalNUG Social
LinkedIn Group

In-between meetings, we keep the NetSuite conversation going on our LinkedIn group.

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What Can I Expect at Meetings?


The Northern California NetSuite User Group (NorCal NUG) offers a regional platform for professionals to engage and exchange ideas, focusing on the best practices and technical solutions related to NetSuite. This group fosters a collaborative environment through various channels, including online interactions, face-to-face gatherings, and training sessions. Its primary goal is to establish a vibrant community in the NorCal area where current and prospective NetSuite users, as well as experts, can converge to share insights, learn from one another, and expand their professional networks.

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Quarterly Meetings

With Training Sessions, Networking Opportunities, Food & Drinks, Opportunities to Meet With Sponsors and of course - SWAG! NorCal NUG collaborates with a diverse set of well prepared and informed speakers from all parts of the NetSuite Ecosystem.

NUG Community

An ever-growing community of members - first timers, casual attendees and veterans - keen on honing their NetSuite skills and sharing collective knowledge, gather to share best-practices, pitfalls and hard fought wins.

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Presentations about a wide range of topics pertinent to NetSuite users - Admin Functionality, Financial Management, Operational Objectives, Reporting, and much more... You'll also be the first to know about NetSuite Release Updates, News and Resources.


Being a member has it's privileges! NUGs are offered special discounts on things like SuiteWorld Tickets, receive special offers from our Sponsors, and get other perks available only to members.

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At NorCal NUG, you'll find a group of likeminded individuals that share some of the same job rolls, responsibilities and challenges you deal with daily. Your peers can help you tackle tough NetSuite questions.

NUG Opportunity

While quarterly meetings are important, it's relationships that make the difference. Members have found new jobs, collaborators, partners, vendors and consultants through their interactions.

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The Northern California NetSuite User Group is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization comprised of NetSuite Users, NetSuite Partners, and NetSuite Professionals that work within the NetSuite Ecosystem.

We also invite Software Publishers who's products seamlessly integrate with the NetSuite experience to sponsor, present and learn from our group.

This is a forum for like-minded professionals to network, learn and share experiences with the NetSuite Platform. We help and receive help from each other to make our professional lives a little easier.

If you live or work in the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Francisco, San Jose, or Oakland - this is the NetSuite User Group for you!

We host multiple quarterly in-person meetings, one in San Francisco's Financial District, and one in San Jose, so that users from this diverse geographical region all have a chance to participate.


What Is Oracle NetSuite?

Perhaps you're new to the NetSuite ecosystem and need a little help understanding all that is the World's #1 ERP Platform. We've got you covered.

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Let's Stay Connected

In-between our scheduled quarterly activities and special virtual sessions, we keep the conversation going on LinkedIn. Join our private group today to be connected to your peers in the local community.

This is a closely moderated group designed to provide value to users. We do our best to maintain a Northern California based membership, and keep advertising messaging out.