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Welcome to, a dynamic hub for NetSuite User Groups facilitated by Business Solution Partners. We are committed to creating an enriching environment where our members can thrive through respectful interactions, user-driven experiences, and a culture of knowledge sharing.

Our NetSuite User Groups are supported by NetSuite ecosystem software publishers with Built-For-NetSuite solutions, ensuring that our programming is delivered free of charge to members in all of the geographic regions we serve.

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What we stand for.

An Inclusive Community Serving NetSuite Users In All Roles & Functions

A User Driven Experience:

Our community is shaped by its members. From the design of our events to the topics of our training sessions, we prioritize the needs and preferences of our users. This approach ensures that our offerings are relevant, practical, and tailored to the real-world applications of NetSuite.

Knowledge Sharing:

At the core of is the principle of knowledge sharing. We provide a platform where experiences, insights, and best practices can be exchanged freely. This environment not only enhances each member’s understanding of NetSuite but also fosters a collaborative atmosphere where everyone can learn and grow.

Respectful Sponsor Engagement:

We believe in fostering positive and respectful relationships with our sponsors. Their support helps us bring valuable resources and opportunities to our members, while we ensure that their engagement aligns with our community’s interests and values.

Inclusive & Diverse Community:

Our user groups, spanning different regions and industries, offer a unique blend of perspectives. We celebrate this diversity and encourage contributions from all members, ensuring a rich and multifaceted dialogue within the community. Our members range in role and responsibility from the C-Suite to the Shop Floor.

Empowering Connections:

Networking is key in our community. Through both in-person and virtual events, we offer numerous opportunities for our members to connect, share experiences, and build lasting professional relationships.

Our Programming

We hold quarterly meetings with a blend of programming designed to offer something for everyone. Featuring both classroom settings and more relaxed environments - our in-person events are the heart of our local presence.

Whether we're occupying a hotel ballroom, a local brewery, or a few bays at Top Golf, our meetings always include a hearty meal, downtime to meet your peers, and value added educational opportunities. Our happy-hour events feature an open bar and buffet meal thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.

Once a year, we bring all of our groups together for a big Virtual Conference - a half day event featuring experts from Oracle NetSuite and the NetSuite ecosystem. Our Q4 2024 Virtual Summit featured an hour long interview with NetSuite founder and President Evan Goldberg.

Here is just a sample of recent topics covered in our quarterly user group meetings:

  • NetSuite 2023.2 Release Preview
    w/ Laura Maready - Sr. Principal Product Manager @ Oracle NetSuite
    Corporate Sponsor
  • How Noom Is Using NetSuite To Manage Growth
    w/ Marc Balcke - Corporate Controller @ Noom (formerly)
    Member - NYNUG
  • Supply Planning Workbench & Inventory Allocation
    w/ Hussain Zaidi and Michael Sullivan - Solution Consultants @ BSP
    NetSuite Partner - Founding Sponsor
  • Reducing Technical Debt In NetSuite
    w/ Liam Gainey - Account Executive @ Strongpoint
    NetSuite SDN Partner - NUG Sponsor
  • From Customer To SDN Partner
    w/ Matt Monchik - CEO @ Shepher
    Member - NYNUG
  • Using Workflows & Scripts
    w/ Ben Argov - President @ International Wine Accessories
    Member - NorCal NUG

Our 2024 Sponsors

Sponsors support our programing so that it's free for all users.

They're all Built-For-NetSuite Solutions that enhance NetSuite's core capabilities.

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